19 May, 2022

Thomas speaks French and English, I speak German and English. Thomas learned German at school, I learned French at school. Thomas understands a bit of German, I understand a bit of French. When we talk to each other we speak English. There are a lot of wine-related terms where Thomas is unsure about the English translation as he learned everything about wine and working in the vines and in the cellar in France… in French. There are a lot of wine-related terms where I don’t know the German word, just because my wine world has been shaped through my working with and for Thomas: English with a little bit of French. So I had the idea of compiling a French-English-German wine dictionary. I’m sure it already exists somewhere on the internet. My idea is to have it printed to take it with me to fairs, to hand it out as something that might come in handy when presenting one’s wines – or tasting them. At a fair or at a winery.

I will continue updating this dictionary and always place it under the »about« entry:

calcaire, le
Kalkstein, der

cave, la
wine shop
Weinhandlung, die

caviste (I’m not sure about the female version), le
wine merchant
Weinhändler:in, die:der

crochet, le
Haken, der

ébourgeonnage, l(a)
Ausgeizen, das

lie, la (lies, les)
Weinhefe / Bodensatz / Geläger / Trub, die / der / das / der

millesime, le
Jahrgang, der

salon, le
Messe, die

sangle, la
Spanngurt, der

schiste, le
Schiefer, der

stage, le
Praktikum, das

vendange, la
Ernte, die

vin, le
Wein, der